Relocating business dreams to a lifestyle reality

Juniper Shores

Samantha and Rozanna approached Knibbs with their business idea of helping people relocate to the UK. They spotted a gap in the market with their concept of relocation and lifestyle concierge - giving advice to families with finding houses, schools, finding a local doctor (and much more!) - Juniper Shores was born! Juniper Shores is a hub teeming with first hand relocation experience, and they needed a website to get their dream into the world and start helping others. We created a calm and quiet brand (which is needed during what can be a stressful period in one's life), then we designed and built a website to match this.

"Thank you for the most magnificent website, that you have designed for us. We are constantly receiving compliments on what a beautiful, very professional, fresh, modern and inviting website we’ve got, and it's all thanks to you and your team for interpreting and understanding our requirements. Highly recommend them, for their professionalism, creativity and ability to understand our business needs."