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We build over 90% of our websites using Concrete5 - a Content Management System (CMS) which enables users to easily edit their site's content directly on to the page

We are a Certified Agency Partner of Concrete5.

Concrete5 is our CMS of choice! We love how easy it is to use - it is simple and quick to edit your website, meaning it saves you time and (most importantly!) saves you money!

Support for your Concrete5 website

We are Concrete5 experts, building, hosting and supporting Concrete5 sites for over 9 years. Not only do we build sites using this great system, we also upgrade, improve and rebuild sites to mirror the business’ growth and change, and also the digital world’s evolution.

Concrete5 has been on the web scene for over 10 years. Many CMS’s were being designed by developers, for developers, whereas Concrete5 has been created for the everyday website user. We’re not the only ones who love the system, it was the winner of the CMS Critic Award for Best CMS Designers of 2015.

Concrete5 has also won a contract with the US Army, which means that millions of dollars are being invested into Concrete5; A positive step for everybody involved, us as website developers and you, as the site owner!


So why would you want to use Concrete5 over WordPress (or something similar)? It has some great features and benefits:

  • • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • • Intuitive editing
  • • Mobile and responsive screen optimised
  • • Form creation and management
  • • Blogging and news features
  • • User permissions
  • • Security
  • • Simple, easy interface and dashboard
  • • Edit images directly on the page through an embedded editor on the page
  • • Concrete5 add-ons have less compatibility issues compared to WordPress
  • • Straightforward sitemap for adding pages (e.g, if you need to create a quick landing page from an email campaign)
  • • GDPR compliant, easily add privacy and cookie policy pop ups

You can see why we love Concrete5, we host over 100 sites that we have built with this platform. We have specialised Concrete5 developers on the Knibbs team and we can provide support should you have any questions about your site.

If you have any questions about Concrete5 or would love to chat to us about your website, please get in touch.

You can either give us a call on 01737 226600, chat to us or fill out the form.