Website design and build for coffee cart & kiosk manufacturer

Cinnamon Creative Carts & Kiosks

We built the original Cinnamon site over fifteen years ago so it was certainly time to bring it up to speed with not only it's design but also it's functionality.

Cinnamon manufacture coffee carts and bespoke kiosks for clients such as Nescafe and Virgin Trains so their site really needed to start reflecting their great clients. The original site was very static, it wasn't mobile friendly, it was unsecure and there wasn't a CMS system to login to for easy updates.

After a process of concepts, the client decided on the design and we began building it in our preferred CMS Concrete5 so the client can easily update the site themselves, the design is contemporary and works across all screen sizes. Something that is very important in the mobile-first world we now live in.