Video, report design and marketing materials win over Sport & Recreation Alliance

Sport & Recreation Alliance have worked with Knibbs to design and create various marketing materials. We designed the 2018 Childhood Obesity Report in long and short formats. Alongside the print work we have done - for example the SRA 2019 Awards Programme - we have created digital work such as video and interactive reports. Sport & Recreation Alliance work closely with Sport Wales resulting in us creating further documents and case studies about Sport and Board Diversity in the UK. Our aim was to make the documents into manageable chunks of interesting and inspiring information which was a huge success.

Sport Wales document design
Owen Burgess
Sport Wales Senior Officer, Sport Wales
"Knibbs really understood what we were looking for and took the time to ensure they were fully aware of what we required. They have produced a number of documents that feel very modern and fresh, whilst linking to dated documents to show continuity. All of the work has been laid out in a very easy to digest way and we are pleased with the end result."