Does your packaging have a limited shelf life?

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An article about packaging design… I have struggled with this, particularly given the recent press coverage about plastics suffocating our oceans and Sir David Attenborough’s Davos speech urging us to reduce waste. And I don’t think I’m alone, consumers are becoming increasingly savvy about the impact products (and their packaging) have on our environment, and are demanding less plastic and packaging altogether.
This could be an important consideration if you are thinking about refreshing your packaging design.
But first things first, what exactly is packaging design?
Packaging design isn’t merely the decoration on the outside of a box or packet, it is in every aspect of the packaging of that product – the text and graphics, interior packing and the material selection.
Does your packaging have a limited shelf life?
It’s a fast paced world and this is particularly true when it comes to consumer goods, the market is constantly changing and evolving and your brand must keep up to stay visible.
Any of these sound familiar? You might need to refresh your packaging design.
  • Your brand or position in the market has changed.
  • Your brand is struggling to stand out in a highly competitive space.
  • You’re looking to attract a bigger audience share
  • Your brand message needs a refresh and you need packaging that clearly communicates your product story.
  • You’ve added another product within your range.
  • Your competitor has refreshed and you are looking to compete.
Tips for success
1. Check out the competition What brands do you admire? What makes them stand out? How do they communicate? What do the brands in your category communicate? Identify which brands are your key competitors.
2. A clear brief is critical Do your research and check out the competition! Identify the key messages and sales points for your brand. What does the design need to do?
3. Find your team Again do your research, admire a particular brand – find out which agency was responsible – check out their work and if you like what you see, get in touch. It is important to find an agency that really take the time to get to know you and your business. Effective design is a result of a good partnership between the client and agency with clear brief and strong communication.

This all sounds great but places a lot of the onus on you, the client.

That’s where we can help. At Knibbs, we are not shy about asking probing questions to understand your brand and your objectives and will we work with you to create a clear brief to ensure you get a design that really delivers. Talk to us.

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Liz Kemp

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