Artisound website launch – ROYALTY FREE MUSIC WEBSITE

By April 11, 2018 February 1st, 2019 All things design
Artisound on an iPad, royalty free music site designed and built Knibbs Surrey

Music sync licensing start-up Artisound wanted to make a big noise with the launch of their new business.

Softly softly…

An initial soft launch aimed at music talent quickly built a library of unique tracks that were shortlisted for quality. Artists uploaded their tracks for consideration and if the level of quality was approved the wav file was encoded with a soundmark, an MP4 file was created for easy listening and relevant search criteria tagged along with a track image for identification.

User experience set the tone for this website with multiple layers of search and a bespoke backend management system to streamline the entire process.

Sync licenses were created on the fly based on multi selection options to keep the legal team smiling.

The big noise…

With the tempo building to the release of the full e-commerce site our developers engineered the code to be in tune with the clients vision.

Targeted at film makers, video producers and creators of visual media continues to build its royalty free music library and offer an ever increasing range of original tracks for sync licensing.

View the finished website

Simon Knibbs

Simon Knibbs

Founder & Creative Director